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Alessa Mug - Imprinted 16oz

Select Decorating Method: Imprinted
Deep Etched
Code Colour Inventory On Order Expected Date 72 144 288 576+ Packaging
DCC1027-BL Matte Blue 10526 - - $7.56 $7.01 $6.83 $6.68 Aston Box
DCC1027-GN Matte Green 3259 - - $7.56 $7.01 $6.83 $6.68 Aston Box
DCC1027-PI Matte Pink 3646 - - $7.56 $7.01 $6.83 $6.68 Aston Box
DCC1027-PL Matte Purple 1841 - - $7.86 $7.29 $7.10 $6.94 Aston Box
DCC1027-YW Matte Yellow 4041 - - $7.56 $7.01 $6.83 $6.68 Aston Box
The Alessa ceramic mug makes a pastel sensation with a light matte finish on the outside and polished glaze on the inside.


1 Color, 1 Location Imprint

Setup Charge: $80(c)

Decorating Areas: 2.5" x 1.375"

Normal production time is 4-5 working days from approval of artwork or sample (subject to Inventory availability).
All sizes, capacities, dimensions, etching sizes and weights shown on this site are approximate.
Certain products include Romance Cards as indicated throughout the catalog. Romance Cards are pre-decorated on the front and back. The inside of the Romance Card may be personalized with a message or Logo.\n###### Setup Charge: $40.00 (c)\n###### Run Charge: $0.40 (c) per card
All costs incurred prior to order cancellation will be charged.
All shipments are FOB Buffalo, NY (USA)/ Markham, ON (CANADA).\\nOrders are shipped prepaid, with shipping charges added to the invoice. Air Shipments must be confirmed in writing. \n##### Collect or 3rd Party Shipments\nCollect or 3rd Party shipments are subject to an additional handling fee. \n**Shipments** | **Fee (G)**\n:---:|:---:\n1-19| $8.00\n20-49| $6.50\n50-99| $4.00 \n100+| $3.00 \nAccurate "Bill to" information required to avoid Chargebacks. Distributor responsible for all chargebacks. $15.00 (G) Fee will apply.\n##### Courier Shipments\nTo ensure safe delivery by parcel carriers (Fedex, UPS etc), additional packaging is required. $6.00 (G) per shipping carton will be added to the invoice.\n##### Skid Shipments\nWhere economical, larger orders will be packed and shrink wrapped on a skid for maximum protection. $20.00 (G) per skid will be added to the invoice.\n##### Split Shipments\nWhen an order is shipped to 2 or more destination at the same time, a Split Shipment charge of $8.00 (G) per shipment will apply. Freight Charges not included. International Shipment Charges (If applicable) will also apply.\n##### Drop Shipments\nMultiple Identical shipments will be processed at the following discounted rates:\n**Shipments** | **Price (G)**\n:---:|:---:\n10-49 | $3.00\n50-99 | $2.75\n100+ | $2.50\nCourier Over-Packaging Charge $6.00 (G) will apply. Freight Charges not included. For Discounted rates to apply, complete Drop Ship details must be supplied in Excel format. Download the template here.\n##### International Shipments\n$25.00 (G) per shipment.\nInternational Shipping Account to be provided. Any Chargebacks, Duties or Taxes may be billed to the Distributor up to 90 days or more (Service Charge $15.00 (G) will apply).\n
Most items in our catalog have very low minimums of 36 or 72.\n###### For orders less than minimum quantity, $40.00 (c) run charge will apply.\n\nAbsolute minimum is half 1st column quantity. No less than minimum on Special or Clearance items.
When a second location (second side) is imprinted, the following run charges per color apply:\n\n**36+** | **72+** | **144+** | **288+** | **576+** | |\n:---|:---:|:---:|:---:|:---:|:---:\n $1.25 | $1.15 | $1.05 | $1.00 | $0.95| (5C)\n\nSetup charge of $40.00 (c) per color for Second Position Imprint.
###### New artwork - $80.00 (c)\nThis Setup Charge includes the identical imprint on different colors of the same item. For more than one different items/sizes on the same order, the Setup Charge for additional items will be $40.00 (c)\n\n###### Artwork on file - $40.00 (c)\nThis setup charge applies to existing artwork which is re-sized for a new item. Repeat Orders - $40.00 (c)
1 Color, 1 Location Imprint included in all prices (unless indicated).\n\nFor blank products, use end column pricing. This excludes items that are priced blank.
The following standard imprint colors are available. In addition, Duke offers a 'Satin Etch' imprint (also known as a 'fake etch') at no additional cost.\n\nColor|Name|Code\n---|---|---\n![Black](http://assets.stregisgrp.com/upload/SRCGroup/duke_colours/black.png "Black") | Black|--\n![White](http://assets.stregisgrp.com/upload/SRCGroup/duke_colours/white.png "White")|White|--\n![Gold](http://assets.stregisgrp.com/upload/SRCGroup/duke_colours/gold.png "Gold")|Gold|PMS 873C\n![Silver](http://assets.stregisgrp.com/upload/SRCGroup/duke_colours/silver.png "Silver")|Silver|PMS 877C\n![Brown](http://assets.stregisgrp.com/upload/SRCGroup/duke_colours/brown.png "Brown")|Brown|PMS 476C\n![Red](http://assets.stregisgrp.com/upload/SRCGroup/duke_colours/red.png "Red")|Red|PMS 185C\n![Red](http://assets.stregisgrp.com/upload/SRCGroup/duke_colours/red2.png "Red")|Red|PMS 485C\n![Burgundy](http://assets.stregisgrp.com/upload/SRCGroup/duke_colours/burgundy.png "Burgundy")|Burgundy|PMS 202C\n![Grey](http://assets.stregisgrp.com/upload/SRCGroup/duke_colours/grey.png "Grey")|Grey / Cool Grey|PMS 9C\n![Navy](http://assets.stregisgrp.com/upload/SRCGroup/duke_colours/navy.png "Navy")|Navy|PMS 282C\n![Reflex Blue](http://assets.stregisgrp.com/upload/SRCGroup/duke_colours/reflexblue.png "Reflex Blue")|Reflex Blue|--\n![Process Blue](http://assets.stregisgrp.com/upload/SRCGroup/duke_colours/processblue.png "Process Blue")|Process Blue|--\n![Teal](http://assets.stregisgrp.com/upload/SRCGroup/duke_colours/teal.png "Teal")|Teal|PMS 320C\n![Dark Green](http://assets.stregisgrp.com/upload/SRCGroup/duke_colours/darkgreen.png "Dark Green")|Dark Green|PMS 336C\n![Green](http://assets.stregisgrp.com/upload/SRCGroup/duke_colours/green.png "Green")|Green|PMS 361C\n![Orange](http://assets.stregisgrp.com/upload/SRCGroup/duke_colours/orange.png "Orange")|Orange|PMS 021C\n![Yellow](http://assets.stregisgrp.com/upload/SRCGroup/duke_colours/yellow.png "Yellow")|Yellow|PMS 116C\n![Pink](http://assets.stregisgrp.com/upload/SRCGroup/duke_colours/pink.png "Pink")|Pink|PMS 238C\n![Purple](http://assets.stregisgrp.com/upload/SRCGroup/duke_colours/purple.png "Purple")|Purple|PMS 267C\n\n\n\nFor colored ceramics, Duke will match the imprint color to the accent color of the mug at no additional cost.
No return shipments will be accepted without prior approval. Blank Product approved for return will be subject to a 5% restocking fee.
If requested, a pre-production sample will be supplied. The sample item will be billed at regular prices, plus setup charges & shipping. $40.00 (c) run charge will apply.
30 days net, subject to credit approval. Visa, MasterCard or Amex accepted at time of Invoice.
Each item will be carefully packed prior to shipment. However, due to the nature of the products, damage may still occur. All claims for damages must first be made with the carrier. Please notify our Customer Service department to arrange for replacements.
We reserve the right to ship and bill up to 5% more or less than the ordered quantity.\n###### If Exact Quantities are required, a charge of $40.00 (c) will apply.\nPlease ensure that this is clearly marked on your PO.
While standard colors usually suffice, occasionally specific PMS colors are required. Although we cannot guarantee an exact match, we are able to mix inks to get as close as possible to your Pantone (PMS) color. \n###### The service charge Pantone color matching is $40.00 (c) per color. (Applies on repeat orders.)
All items include a one color, one location imprint. Addition colors are available, subject to the follow run charge per color:\n\n**36+** | **72+** | **144+** | **288+** | **576+** | |\n:---|:---:|:---:|:---:|:---:|:---:\n*$1.25*| $1.15 | $1.05 | $1.00 | $0.95| (5C)\n\nSetup Charge $40.00 (c) per color apply.
All imprinted products are Dishwasher Safe (under normal household use). Imprinted products are not recommended for Commercial or Industrial use, because of the abrasive nature of the detergents used.
Defects in materials and workmanship will be corrected without charge. However, please be aware that even in the finest crystal, minor variations in clarity can occur. Occasional air bubbles, chill marks or flow lines are inevitable. Such minor variations are not considered defects.
A Spec Sample of any item in our catalog can be supplied. Please use regular pricing, setup charges and shipping. $40.00 (c) run charge per item will apply.
All liability for the proper use of logos or trademarks rest with the customer. We assumeno liability for trademark or copyright disputes. We reserve the right to photograph or show as samples, any item produced by us, without any liability as to trademark or artwork rights. All logos shown in this catalog are for display purposes only. No endorsement of products should be implied.
Random Samples will be provided free of charge for any item below $30.00(c) at EQP. Your Courier account must be provided with the sample request.
Cards, candy and gift enclosures can be inserted. Please contact our Customer Service department for details and quote.
Shipments requested in less than 4 working days may be subject to an additional rush charge. Please contact Customer Service.
While every effort is made to maintain all items in inventory, we cannot be held responsible if any item is unavailable.
Standard Packaging is indicated in the Specifications tab. Most items can be re-boxed at the following charges:\n**Pieces Per Box** | **Price**\n:---:|:---:\n1 | $2.15\n2 | $3.55\n4 | $4.95 (3C)\nCustom Die-Cut Satin Lined Gift Boxes available - $12.00 (c ) plus die costs. Please contact customer service.\n
CODE | DESCRIPTION | 24 | 50 | 100 | 150 | 200+ | MAX IMPRINT\n--- | --- | --- | --- | --- | --- | --- | ---\nBOXIMP-G | Box Imprint - Gold | 0.85 | 0.80 | 0.75 | 0.70 | 0.65 | 2½" x 2½"\nBOXIMP-S | Box Imprint - Silver | 0.85 | 0.80 | 0.75 | 0.70 | 0.65 | 2½" x 2½"\nBOXIMP-VP | Box Imprint - VividPrint™ | 1.40 | 1.35 | 1.30 | 1.25 | 1.20 | 2½" x 2½"\n\nSetup charge $100.00(c) - 5C\n\nFor orders with Box Imprinting, please allow an extra 2 days production time.
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